Ethics Advisory Committee

The Ethics Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of SASPA, focusing on the ethical dilemmas psychologists face in clinical practice.

The primary task of the EAC is to provide support and guidance to SASPA members on ethical dilemmas and matters pertaining to ethical aspects of general professional conduct.

The EAC will:

Support members in conflict or dispute with their registering bodies, provided that they have acted in accordance with the SASPA’s ethical guidelines;
Document procedures which track ethical dilemmas submitted to the committee;
Provide thoughtful and supportive responses to member queries and dilemmas

Ensure that submission of ethical dilemmas and concerns are made according to the following procedure:

  1. SASPA members are invited to email a detailed account of the ethical dilemma, concern or enquiry to
  2. The Chair will acknowledge receipt of the dilemma in writing
  3. Members of the EAC will meet to discuss the ethical dilemma and the Chair will email a detailed response to the practitioner regarding his or her dilemma or concern within 30 days
  4. Should the dilemma or concern remain unresolved, and should the practitioner consider it helpful, the EAC will be available for further consultation
  5. All ethical dilemmas will be discussed in the strictest confidence and within the confines of the EAC only, except in those circumstances where consultation with a third party is considered necessary. The same rules of confidentiality will apply.